Clinical study enrollment made easy

Clinical study enrollment made easy

Health Wallet saves you time, money, and effort on recruitment.

Health Wallet is already helping people participate in thousands of clinical studies. Accelerate your enrollment and meet your study goals by signing up today.

We'll have public enrollment for the researcher portal soon. To get early access please contact us.

Why use a new tool for recruitment?

Never let enrollment slow you down

Why use Health Wallet?

It’s efficient, accurate, and secure

Health Wallet fits seamlessly into your existing operations, whether you are a sponsor, site coordinator, or CRO.

Health Wallet meets all privacy, security, and IRB compliance requirements, so you can start using Health Wallet immediately. You can register any IRB-approved study into our platform and start finding participants today.

To discuss an institution-level integration, or if you have any other questions, please contact us.

Efficient, accurate, and secure

Spend less time recruiting and more time researching

How does Health Wallet work?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Create your Health Wallet

Create a researcher account on Health Wallet using your work email. From there, you can confirm your institution and link to your studies.

Manage your studies

Register and activate your protocols, and clarify your role as participant-facing or management. Subscribe to Health Wallet to receive unlimited participant matches.

Enroll your matches

You will start receiving enrollment inquiries from participants as soon as they select your study. After you confirm their eligibility, enroll them into your study and start accelerating your results.

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