Cutting edge medicine for all

Cutting-edge medicine for all

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Why participate in clinical studies?

Creating a healthier tomorrow for you and yours

Gain early access to cutting-edge medicine

Receive free treatment from world-leading experts

Improve your well-being and quality of life

Help advance the science that helps others like you

Why use Health Wallet?

Take control of your health

Without Health Wallet, only 8% of people seeking clinical studies are able to find one that is right for them.

But with Health Wallet, you receive a customized menu of options in minutes.

After reviewing your options, you can track your notes, and connect with the clinical study of your choosing.

Take control of your health

Health Wallet helps you find the clinical studies right for you

How does Health Wallet work?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Create your Health Wallet

Complete your secure profile with the information that makes you unique. From there, we’ll find your clinical study options!

Review your options

Learn about each of your matches, track your notes, compare your options, and easily discover the options for you.

Pick your study

Connect directly with the study to easily get more information, confirm if it’s a fit, and get started.

If that researcher is not using Health Wallet, we’ll direct you to their public study page. There, you can find their contact information and reach out to them

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