Connecting people

Connecting the right people at the right time can change the world.

Together, we can save lives, advance medicine, and cure disease. Together, we can create a healthier tomorrow.

Our mission is to

Spread health and hope by ensuring every person can access the medicines of tomorrow, today.

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How we make our mission come to life

Building new access pathways

There is a mismatch between the communities we live in and who participates in clinical studies. We’re making it so everyone can access the cutting-edge medicine available through clinical research, no matter who they are or where they live.

Bettering science

Lack of diversity in clinical studies means that we don’t have the best possible data on how medicines work in different populations. Health Wallet helps participants from all walks of life connect with researchers, resulting in better medicines for all.

Accelerating medical discovery

The clinical research process is slow and inefficient, meaning it takes longer to develop life-changing medicines for those who need it. We’re fixing that by connecting participants and researchers directly in a bias-free process.

Improving participant experience

It can be confusing and time-consuming trying to find the right clinical research options for yourself or a loved one. Health Wallet helps participants find their best options, giving them back precious time.

Our values

We believe in what we do

Create equal access

Everyone should have access to the latest medical innovations. We empower clinical study participants and remove barriers to getting involved in medical research.

Prioritize diversity

Everyone wins when clinical study participants are diverse. More people can access cutting-edge medicine, and more researchers can ensure those medicines help diverse populations.

Design for inclusion

All people, especially those who have been underrepresented in medical research, are actively included in our vision for a healthier world.

Accelerate medical advances for all

We support clinical researchers in providing health and hope to participants today, while accelerating research towards the medicines of tomorrow.

Who we are

Created by participants and researchers, for participants and researchers

Clinical research starts by making the right connection when you need it. We’ve seen how hard it is to find trustworthy and reliable information about the right studies for you. We’ve also seen how too many researchers get stuck because they can’t find the right participants, despite tremendous time and effort.

We’ve listened, we’ve learned, and now we’ve created Health Wallet.

Health Wallet is making these connections and helping researchers provide health and hope for everyone.

Health Wallet

Access to the latest medical innovations shouldn’t just be for the fortunate few. Everyone deserves this opportunity.

Tom Rico Pamukcu

Founder and CEO, Health Wallet

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