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How can clinical studies help me with my patients?

New opportunities for all types of patients

Access new treatments

Patients can benefit from new therapies that are not yet widely available

Open up new possibilities for persistent conditions

If a patient isn’t responding to other treatments, clinical studies offer an opportunity to try a new approach

Accelerate understanding of difficult-to-treat conditions

Patients are empowered with new options while researchers design better treatments for them and people like them

Connect patients with sponsored care opportunities

Clinical study activities are funded by the research sponsor, so even people without insurance can get best-in-class clinical study care

Why use Health Wallet for my patients?

Expand your possibilities for care

Health Wallet finds the clinical studies right for any individual, for free, by aggregating available options and determining eligibility. Finding the right clinical study now takes minutes instead of countless hours.

You can work with your patients to review the list of matches and determine the best option for them.

Using Health Wallet, you can focus your time on what you do best - providing the best care to your patients.

Expand your possibilities for care

Health Wallet helps you help your patients

How does Health Wallet work?

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Have your patient create their free Health Wallet

Complete your secure profile with the information that makes you unique. From there, we’ll find your clinical study options!

Review their personalized menu of study options

Learn about each of your matches, track your notes, compare your options, and easily discover the study right for you.

Sign up for the study of choice

Connect directly with the research team to easily get more information, confirm it’s the right choice for you, and sign up to get started.

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